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Fangled Group focuses on turning anyone who touches your brand into voracious advocates.  A brand advocate is someone who loves your brand, products, and services.  They also can’t wait to shout its praises from the hilltops as they buy again and again.

Fangled Group will help you in the US and abroad leveraging  our “strategy first” methods to grow your business like never before. We know what is required to win here and in the global market

Fangled Group and affiliates can assist you in positioning, market analysis, path to purchase evaluation, predictive sales modeling, brand development and marketing activation to make your launch into the domestic and global marketplace a successful one.

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Fractional Chief Marketing Officers Provide Top Skills & Performance at a Fraction of the Cost

Imagine the power of having a C level marketing executive on your team who is fully dedicated to the success of your company for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

A Fractional CMO (FCMO) may be just what your company needs to build a robust Branding and Marketing team while avoiding the high cost of hiring a full time executive who then must hire additional internal and external assets to properly build a team who gets the job done.

Maybe it’s time to evaluate the benefits of adopting a FCMO to your organization.

Does any of this describe your business?

  • Your Sales team is often distracted from actively selling by attempting to create their own materials or being bogged down in administrative functions, lead generations, or other marketing related work that keeps them from selling
  • You lack inside expertise to gather and interpret market data to make informed decisions
  • You have had issues recruiting a seasoned professional
  • Your marketing needs have peaks and valleys that you wish could be increased and decreased without having to hire and fire during peak and low need times
  • You have had communication issues and financial creep managing relationships with marketing agencies not involved in your daily operations nor understand your needs
  • You plan to eventually hire a VP Marketing or CMO but need a head start on your go-to-market plan while you seek the perfect hire
  • You have several business units that do not require an individual marketing executive for each
  • You just purchased or acquired a business that requires a jump start, rebranding, or a total turnaround strategy?

Don’t mistake a Marketing Agency for a FCMO. There is an overlap in skill set, but a FCMO is a fiscally responsible member of your executive team engaged in most aspects of your business while agencies tend to be service-vendors hired for specific tasks but not as the driver of your total strategic playbook. FCMOs are leaders with comprehensive responsibility and accountability for your overall marketing program as they fill the role as a virtual employee. They are responsible for finding the tactical total marketing applications that fit your needs rather than try to fit your company in the limited areas an agency may have focused their expertise.

Responsibilities include managing the total marketing budget of your organization as they manage their own staff of skilled creative, tactical, and strategic leaders who become experts in what you do.

As a resource, they also can provide technology reviews, recommendations and implementation including CRM, Marketing Automation, Web Design/SEO, Lead generation and nurturing and more. They lead workshops, meetings and discovery sessions, evaluate the voice of market, channel partners, and competitive landscape, to provide not only the tactical materials and programs but the overall strategic go-to-market play book.

Let’s start a discussion to see how a FCMO could be the game changer you seek for growing your business.