Global Marketing, Business Development, & Sales Leadership

The Fangled “strategy first” approach brings sales growth
here and abroad

Fangled Group is your “strategy-first” full-service Marketing, Business Development, and Sales consultancy.  We have successfully grown businesses around the globe with our unique approach structured for each individual client’s needs.

Let’s team up to create your voracious horde of advocates who love your brand making sales skyrocket in your company.  They’ll not only be your customers, they’ll shout your praises from the hilltops while excitedly buying again and again.

Our contacts and resources both in the US market and abroad give Fangled the ability to not only help companies with exponential growth in the US market but also in almost any overseas region.

Fangled Group and its curated and vetted team of talented experts stand ready to work with your team today.

We take on projects of all types and sizes varying from small campaigns to actually becoming a virtual marketing department for you.

The beauty of Fangled’s flexible team structure allows us to build the right team for you with the best fit experts at your service.

Let’s have a conversation leading to your growth today.

Marketing & Business Development

  • Marketing campaign development and execution
  • Go-To-Market playbook development
  • Strategic product launch and development
  • Strategic prospecting and lead nurturing programs
  • Total branding & Rebranding initiatives
  • Voice of consumer, distributor, or dealer studies
  • Comprehensive qualitative and quantitative market research and viability studies
  • Graphic design and collateral development
  • Public relations, advertising, and media management
  • Event management
  • Trade show design and management
  • Total project management

Fractional CMO Services

  • An embedded C-Level Marketing Executive when a full time marketing executive is cost prohibitive or not currently required

Digital Media

  • Web site creation, updates, and development including e-commerce
  • Web Site management including customer service and client management
  • Comprehensive digital campaigns
  • Social media campaign development and management

Sales Consulting

  • CRM (salesforce or alternative) implementation, training, and management
  • Sales training and coaching
  • Candidate screening and evaluation
  • Strategic campaign development
  • Inside sales call center management