Drum, Pail, & IBC Mixers Featuring 3D Mixing Technology

A Revolution in Advanced Mixing Technology

What is 3D Mixing​?

3D MIXING occurs when we equalize the 3 velocity vectors (radial, circular, and vertical) eliminating air inducing vortexes and evenly mixing and blending the total volume of materials in a container. [ DOWNLOAD BROCHURE ]

The Solution Replacing Existing Ineffective Blades​

Fixed Pitch Blades created strong vertical velocity vectors drawing in air and leaving materials on the bottom of the container rather than mixing and blending with all contents​
Impeller Style Mixing Blades promote strong vertical movement but lack radial (horizontal) and circular motion. This movement draws all material down causing poor margin circulation and draws large volumes of unwanted air into the mix.​
Radial Mixing Blades create mostly horizontal and almost no vertical or circular motion. Although they don’t draw unwanted air, they provide the least effective mixing of materials in a container since there is little vertical or circular mixing.

EvenMix™ Blade Designs – Achieve 3D Mixing​

Axial, Radial, and Circumferential Flow​

  • Blade attends entire container volume​
  • Variable Pitch – 90 Degree to 30 degrees creates 3D Flow​
  • Bottom Pump – eliminates dead zones​

Mixer Design​

  • Designed for strength and low-weight ​
  • Low Drag – efficient power transfer from EvenMix™ motor​
  • Round shaft with square or hex drive end​

EvenMix™ Benefits

  • No Air Entrainment​
  • Mixes evenly throughout the container and at lower speeds​
  • Faster Mixing (Low Cycle Time)​
  • Will not bend in cases of drum collapse​
  • No need for welded pin on drum bottom​
  • Compatible with existing drives (square drives)​
  • Robust mixing in a wide range of viscosity​
  • Cost Competitive

Test Results – 55 Gallon Drum & IBC​

Side-by-Side Comparison


  • Comprehensive Mixing – Top to bottom and all other directions​
  • No Dead Zone – No material left on the bottom or near the blade shaft​
  • Quick Mixing – shorter time for a uniform mix​


  • Poor Mixing – Concentrated on bottom​
  • Significant Dead Zone – Material accumulated on bottom and not blended ​
  • Questionable Mixing – Even after several minutes​
  • Air Intrusion – Causes bubbles and foam in mixture​


EvenMix™ will Produce a Homogenous Mixture with no air intrusion causing foaming and bubbles​

Latest & Greatest allowing in drum agitation on Standard Tight Head and Open Head Drums​

Revolutionary Design allows the insertion of a collapsible full width EvenMix™ 3D mixing blade into a standard 2” bung​

Performs as well as a vertical blade with the following advantages:​

  • Converts any drum into a mixing drum​
  • Reduced cost (No added labor, extra or special center bung)​
  • No issues with a blade submersed in product for extended time​
  • Can come with reusable blade or low-cost single use blades​

3D IBC Mixers

Blade Design​

  • Can be installed prior to shipping IBC or inserted at the mixing location​
  • 16” 3D mixing blade provides superior mixing performance​
  • Advanced folding blade fits through 6” center bung​

Pinless Shaft Guide System​

  • Modified to easily fit IBC center cap​
  • Passed UN certification testing​
  • Seals lid to avoid contamination

Lightweight and more powerful than giant units requiring a forklift or hoist to install

EvenMix™ Mixer Motors​

  • Air or Electric Drives​
  • Designed for Use with EvenMix™ and Others​
  • Lightweight precision engineered for longer life and durability​
  • Easy to Couple and Drive Mixers​
  • 160 RPM with Only 13 CFM (Air) or 4 Watts (Electric)​
  • Oil Free for Use with Paints and other sensitive materials​
  • Comprehensively Field Tested​
  • Designed and manufactured in USA by EvenMix™